Water Conservation Programs

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The City of Richmond has implemented various water conservation programs to assist residents in conserving water and reducing costs. The following opportunities are available to Richmond residents to participate in Single-Family Water Meter Program.

Multi-Family Water Meter Program
All single-family dwellings have been fully metered since 2018.

Toilet Rebate Program
Beginning in 2022, the City will gradually be implementing mandatory metering of multi-family complexes over the next 15 years.

Rain Barrel Program
Richmond residents are eligible to apply for a rebate on low-flush toilets.

Lawn Watering
Rain barrels are available for Richmond residents to purchase at subsidized prices.

Water Usage Calculator

Find out how much water is used in your home with the Alliance for Water Efficiency's Water Calculator.

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Benefits of Saving Water

  • Conserving water saves money for all of us. The need for publicly funded upgrades or new infrastructure to deliver and treat water can potentially be delayed or eliminated. It also means less water goes to treatment facilities, saving energy and money.
  • Energy is used more efficiently because less energy is used to heat water and pump potable water and wastewater.
  • Conserving water stimulates job creation. New economic activities are triggered for water-related manufacturing and service sectors, encouraging new business opportunities and job creation.
  • Conserving water is environmentally-friendly. Reducing water use helps to preserve and protect fish and wildlife habitat. These natural attractions are essential to the economic health of BC’s tourism and outdoor recreation industries.

Where does water go?

Ever wonder where all the water goes in a typical home? Most of it goes down the toilet. Surprisingly, very little of it is used for actual drinking. These statistics do not account for water used outdoors.

Multi-Family Water Use Allocation
Single Family Water Use Allocation