Water Quality

Water Services

The City of Richmond's Water Services section, together with the Metro Vancouver, strives to provide consistent and high-quality water to our customers by providing water quality that meets and exceeds the Drinking Water Protection Act (DWPA).

The following annual reports review the water quality results, provide information and describe the procedures that the City uses to provide clean water:

2022 Annual Water Quality Report
2022 Annual Water Quality Report Summary

Water Flushing Program

Annual flushing of the water distribution system is important as it allows accumulated silts and organic matter to be flushed out of the water main. Sediments reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants (chlorine) used to fight the growth of bacteria in the water system.

Flushing usually begins in March of each year, and continues until May, and is usually conducted after business hours. Flushing may result in pressure fluctuation and some discoloration and sediment in the water that reaches your home. This should be for a short duration only. However, if your water appears discoloured, run the cold water tap until the water clears.

Water Testing

To ensure the City's water is safe and meets acceptable standards, our crews collect drinking water samples each week from 40 locations within the water distribution network. Over the course of a year, over 2,000 water samples are collected and tested for microbiological, organic and inorganic contaminants which may affect the health of water users. If there is evidence of bacteria, the system is flushed and re-chlorinated and further samples are taken to ensure that bacteria has been eliminated.

Water Services provides the water system with the highest degree of care to ensure that it’s an inhospitable environment for any harmful bacteria or toxins. The City of Richmond is proud to deliver residents with water that is fresh, reliable and of high-quality. It is without a doubt that the City of Richmond consistently excels at providing tap water of excellent quality! For more information, please visit the Annual Water Quality Report and the Annual Water Quality Report Summary links above.

If you notice discolouring, odour or taste problems with your water, please contact 604-270-8721.