Richmond residents and visitors enjoy the benefits of excellent parks, playing fields, scenic trails with waterfront access, cycling paths, community gardens and unique natural legacies that have been preserved for future generations. As an island city, the waterfront provides a variety of facilities, landmarks and distinct spaces.

Richmond's outdoor recreation opportunities combined with a mild climate has supported an active lifestyle among residents and helped achieve the longest life expectancy in Canada.

Preservation of wildlife habitat, the natural environment, and our natural and cultural heritage are cornerstones of our parks and trails strategies, as well as providing pathways and amenities within our urban settings that link people to each other, their community and their natural environment while fostering healthy active lifestyles. 

Richmond is renowned for its high quality parks, trails, natural areas and its vibrant urban realm. The City's extensive system of 140 parks totals 871 hectares (2,153 acres), including sports and recreation amenities designed to serve the wellness and recreation needs of a diverse, growing community. The 136 kilometres of trails in parks and 87 kilometres of on-road cycling paths support walking, rolling and cycling - bringing people to the city’s many iconic park and waterfront destinations. New parks and trails - along with new amenities - will ensure Richmond residents continue to receive excellent service and that Richmond continues to be a regional and tourism destination. 

Find a Park!

Looking for the perfect park? Search by name, neighbourhood and/or amenity—such as basketball, tennis, lacrosse, playground, sports field or baseball diamond. In addition to these outdoor amenities, some parks in Richmond also have covered, outdoor areas for public use.

Garden City Park

Enjoy a Signature Park!

Richmond's Top 10 outdoor spaces highlight the best of the city as a garden city with each distinct park offering unique experiences. Learn about and connect with nature, urban wildlife, Richmond’s heritage and the river environment. Attend fun, interactive programs and events like the Owl Show at Richmond Nature Park, the Richmond Garlic Fest at Terra Nova Nature Park and more!

Garden City Park pond

Join the Volunteers!

Residents, community groups, service clubs and businesses help take care of the outdoor spaces. Volunteer to plant, clean or adopt a park, trail, dyke, street, garden or tree. Make a difference, it’s easy to get involved.

Explore our Recreational Trails!

The off-road recreational trails provide access to the city’s major natural areas. Perfect for walking or cycling, the trail system connects around the perimeter of Richmond. Take an afternoon ride around the entire island (47.5 km) to see all the spectacular views. Allow for two hours and 45 minutes if cycling or take advantage of other popular routes that vary in distance and difficulty.


Cycle Richmond!

Recreational trails, greenways and neighbourhood links provide opportunities to bike safely—all over Richmond. On major streets, cyclists use an exclusive space (bike lane) or share a space with vehicles (in a wide curb lane). Richmond is ideal for riding flat areas.

Browse this section of the website to learn more, register for parks or recreation programs and learn about volunteer opportunities.

Also, visit the Recreation and Community Centres, Sport and Event Hosting and Arts, Culture and Heritage sections for related information.