Richmond Sports Council

This group was established in December 1982 for the purpose of representing sports groups within Richmond, and to coordinate participation of these groups in relevant issues affecting the community. The council represents all sports groups registered within the Community Services Division.

Office address:
7191 Granville Avenue,
Richmond, BC V6Y 1N7

Richmond Sports Council Executive

  • Acting Chairperson: Stuart Corrigal
  • Vice-Chairperson: Serg Sangara
  • Treasurer: Don Fisher
  • Secretary: Ivan Wong
  • Recording Secretary: Nora Wright

Richmond Sports Council Meeting Details

Meetings are currently held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm (except for August). Visit the Sports Council website for more information.

Richmond Sports Awards

This annual event is organized and co-hosted by the Richmond Sports Council, the Richmond News and the City of Richmond. These awards recognize the athletic performance of individuals in a variety of categories including high school, junior, university, seniors, masters, athletes with a disability, Special Olympics athletes and community teams.

In addition to athletes, the awards also recognize the contribution of the many administrators, coaches, officials and athletic "builders" who develop sports programs in Richmond. Over the years, administrators have volunteered many hours of service, sustaining and supporting sports in Richmond and contribute to the growth in sports city-wide.

Richmond Sport Council Active Recreation & Sport Fund

The Richmond Sports Council and City of Richmond’s Active Recreation & Sport Fund was established to provide funding for children and youth (18 years and younger) to participate in active recreation programs and sports where financial barriers impact inclusion. Participants must be residents of Richmond. Richmond Sports Council administers this program with the generous support of the City of Richmond and considers social and economic barriers facing families when assessing all applications. Every application will receive a response within 30 days of the application deadline.

Programs that are eligible for funding include active recreation and sports that takes place in Richmond and include: An organized activity, with an instructor or coach, running on a set schedule and includes at least one session per week; Camps, active recreation programs like dance, martial arts, cheer, and sports that have an established presence in Richmond. Individual training or private lessons are not covered. The Active Recreation & Sport Fund will not cover City of Richmond programs as they are funded by City Recreation Fund nor those affiliated with a Provincial Sport Organization which are eligible for KidSport funding.

Active Recreation & Sport Fund Application Form & Guidelines

For more information on eligible activities, funding eligibility, payment, and the application process, see the following guidelines document below.
Richmond Sports Council Active Recreation and Sport Fund Application Form

To apply for funding through the Active Recreation & Sport Fund, complete the application below and email to
Active Recreation & Sport Fund Application Form and Guidelines

Summer Games Sports Legacy Trust Fund

This fund was created from monies remaining after the 1979 BC Summer Games held in Richmond. The interest generated from the trust is dispersed as grants to athletes.

Donations are gratefully accepted, are tax deductible and help many athletes. To make a donation to this worthwhile fund, send a cheque payable to:

City of Richmond
c/o Community Services Department
5599 Lynas Lane
Richmond, BC V7C 5B2

The following information provides details about the Summer Games Legacy Trust Fund and will assist you in completing an application. Enquiries for additional information or clarification may be made to Stacey Bridal, Coordinator, Sports Services at 604-244-1266.

BC Summer Games Legacy Trust Fund Outline

Grants provide financial assistance to Richmond residents participating in a sporting competition at a Provincial level or higher. Grant applications must be completed and forwarded through a representative on the local Executive of the governing sports or recreation association. This representative is responsible for coordinating the submissions of all applications from their association members, and reviewing and certifying that all provided information is complete and accurate. Participants may apply as individuals where merited, but groups of individuals within an organization, including members of a team or multiple teams belonging to the same association, are to be treated collectively through a combined application. The Community Services Committee of Council is responsible for the approval of funding assistance and for the dispersal of funds according to the guidelines as outlined in this document. The intent is for applicant(s) to be informed of a decision on their grant application within a period of four to six weeks following a submission.


Applications are subject to the following eligibility guidelines and grants are commensurate with the merit of the applicant(s).

Individuals or teams are eligible if they have qualified to participate in a sporting competition at a Provincial level or higher (i.e., National or International) championships or events. Grants are intended for competitors living and training in Richmond. Consideration will also be given to Richmond residents who take part in specialized activities that preclude membership in a Richmond club.

Grant applications are evaluated on priorities and principles covering the development of Richmond’s youth and promotion of Richmond’s reputation. Consideration is given to the age of applicant(s) with children (11-19 years) having highest priority, followed by children (11 years and younger) and then seniors (20+ years).

Grants are specifically applied to support the cost of attendance at the specified event. Therefore, transportation related costs are given consideration over other expenses and disbursements. Revenue available to the applicant(s) from other sources is to be used to offset accommodation, food and other costs. Any surplus of revenue from other sources is to be applied to transportation costs. Following these considerations, net expenses are considered in funding assistance.

Request for funding surpassing the amounts outlined below, may be reviewed by the Trust Fund Committee for recommendation to Sports Council for additional funding to be granted to the applicant.

Grant Amount

The maximum grant for an individual applicant will normally not exceed $500 or one-half of eligible costs, whichever is less. For combined applications covering a group, or team(s), the maximum grant will normally not exceed $1,000 or one-half of eligible costs, whichever is less. Available funding is limited and must be distributed on an ongoing basis over 12 months among many applications (see funding information in subsequent section).


The applicant(s) will be notified in writing specifying the amount of the grant. Proof of attendance and results of the competition must be submitted to the Community Services Department within four weeks of the event date or loss of future eligibility for grant funds will result. If it is not be possible for the applicant(s) to attend and participate in the competition, grant funding is to be returned.

Application Form

To complete an application form for a BC Summer Games Legacy Trust Fund grant, print, complete and send in the following application:
Summer Games Legacy Trust Fund Application