Work with Community

Community Social Development (CSD) staff work together with community members and stakeholders to effectively plan for the social needs of the community. City policies, plans and strategies guiding social planning actions are developed based on extensive consultation with community members, community organizations and other stakeholders.

In addition to consultations regarding specific strategies and plans, the City has established advisory committees to provide Council with advice regarding social planning matters. For example, the City’s Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee (RCSAC) is a roundtable of 20 to 30 community service agency representatives that advises City Council on social policy and community service matters. Members also share information and ideas about issues of common interest and identify emerging needs. Other advisory committees to City Council that are focused on social development topics include: the Child Care Development Advisory Committee (CCDAC), the Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee (RIAC), and the Richmond Seniors Advisory Committee (RSAC). CSD staff are also actively encouraging involvement of youth on City advisory committees.

Community initiatives are also supported by Community Social Development staff. For example, staff participate in Richmond Children First (RCF), a stakeholders’ table committed to understanding the needs of families and to foster innovative strategies to support children. CSD staff also regularly liaise with groups such as the Community Collaboration Table hosted by Richmond Multicultural Community Services, Richmond Centre for Disability, and the Richmond chapter of KidSport.

Additional support to community-based organizations and service agencies is provided through the City’s Health, Social and Safety Grant Program and Child Care Grant Program. These annual grant programs provide operational and program grants for a wide variety of non-profit child care and social service organizations enhancing the quality of life of Richmond residents.

Community consultation is key to the development of social policies and strategies. One way that all residents can participate in civic policy development is by joining Let’s Talk Richmond, an online community engagement site about current City initiatives.

Community Services Directory

For a complete list of community services available to Richmond residents, including a description of services and contact information, please see the Community Service Directory on the Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives website.