Arts & Culture

The City of Richmond recognizes that the arts are integral to vibrant communities. The arts not only give depth and meaning to our lives — they are cornerstones of social and economic prosperity. Participation in the arts helps us to get to know each other, celebrate our differences, and impacts our health, economy, and overall well-being in remarkable ways.

Annually, the Arts Services Year in Review summarizes the progress made towards achieving the goals of ArtWorks: Richmond Arts Strategy 2019-2024.

2023 Arts Services Year in Review
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An Artful City

With lively annual festivals, a nationally acclaimed Public Art Program, and more, Richmond strives to energize public spaces and encourage residents and visitors alike to explore arts and culture in everyday life.

Richmond is also home to one of the region’s most vital contemporary art galleries, the Richmond Art Gallery; a bustling visual, performing and media arts education hub, Richmond Arts Centre; and Metro Vancouver’s largest theatre company, the Gateway Theatre.

The City works with local cultural organizations, artists and residents to help sustain and develop cultural heritage and individual expression. Artists and cultural groups are invited to subscribe to the Arts & Culture e-Blast to receive news on professional development opportunities, artist calls, funding announcements, and more.