Kiwanis Towers

Richmond General Local and School Election
Results By Voting Place
Voting Place: RC08 - Kiwanis Towers

Office of Mayor

Malcolm Brodie250 Elected
John Roston 65
Wei Ping Chen 19

Office of Councillor

Chak Au198 Elected
Bill McNulty161 Elected
Carol Day130 Elected
Elsa Wong 126
Derek Dang 119
Alexa Loo112 Elected
Michael Wolfe101 Elected
Andy Hobbs100 Elected
Mark Lee 86
Eric Yung 84
Sunny Ho 76
Jerome Dickey 69
Melissa Zhang 68
Laura Gillanders67 Elected
Sheldon Starrett 66
Evan Dunfee 61
Kash Heed59 Elected
Chai Chung 52
Fipe Wong 50
Bill Han 44
Rahim Othman 43
Keefer Pelech 37
Dennis Page 35
Adil Awan 33
Jasmine Piao 33
Jack Trovato 26
Mohamud Ali Farah 13

Office of School Trustee

Alice Wong183 Elected
Richard Lee 149
Linda Li 122
David Yang118 Elected
Rod Belleza114 Elected
Donna Sargent106 Elected
Ken Hamaguchi105 Elected
Heather Larson105 Elected
Rachel Ling 101
Chris Dinnell 92
Dean Billings 84
Debbie Tablotney84 Elected
Kay Hale 79
Andrew Scallion 79
Rajan Paul 40