Public Hearings

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What is a Public Hearing?

Public Hearings are meetings of City Council which are held to provide the public with an opportunity to convey their views on land use applications, such as zoning amendments, official community plan amendments, and on occasion, development permit applications and temporary use permits.

Public Hearings are held on the third Monday of each month, except when the third Monday falls on a statutory holiday, in which case, the Public Hearing will take place the next day. Hearing cancellations and changes in schedule are posted on the City website and on the public notice board at City Hall. The items for consideration at a Public Hearing are publicized through a notice that is published in the Richmond News approximately one week prior to the Public Hearing. The agenda items are also published on the City website in advance of the Public Hearing.

Participating in the Public Hearing Process

The Public Hearing is open to all members of the public. If you believe that you are affected by the proposed land use application, you may make a presentation or submit written comments at the Public Hearing. A ten minute time limit is in effect for people who wish to speak at a Public Hearing. A further three minutes is permitted to those wishing to speak a second time on new information, provided that all members of the public who are present have had an opportunity to speak once. If you are unable to attend, or if you wish to submit your comments in written form, you may do so by sending your written submission to the City Clerk's Office as follows:

  • By email:
  • By Standard Mail: 6911 No.3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2C1, Attention: City Clerk
  • By Fax: 604-278-5139, Attention: City Clerk

We encourage the public to send written submissions by 4 pm on the date of the Public Hearing, however, submissions received right up to the time of the Public Hearing will be accepted. All submissions will form part of the record of the hearing. Once the Public Hearing has concluded, no further information or submissions can be considered by Council.

Please note that, due to un-anticipated circumstances, the order of items on the agenda may be changed during the Public Hearing. We therefore recommend that anyone interested in speaking to an item arrive at the Council Chambers at the beginning of the meeting (7:00 pm).

How to Obtain Further Information on a Public Hearing Item

  • By Phone: If you have questions or concerns, please call the CITY CONTACT shown on the public hearing notice if you received one in the mail or as shown in the public hearing advertisement published in the local newspaper. Otherwise, call 604-276-4395 to be directed to the appropriate staff member.
  • On the City Website: Public Hearing agendas, including staff reports and the proposed bylaws are available for viewing and printing on this website under Agendas & Minutes, Public Hearings.
  • At City Hall: Copies of the proposed bylaw, supporting staff and Committee reports and other background material, are also available for inspection at the Planning & Development Department at City Hall, between the hours of 8:15 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays, commencing 10 days before the public hearing and ending on the day of the Public Hearing.
  • By Fax or Mail: Staff reports and the proposed bylaws may also be obtained by Fax or by standard mail, by calling 604-276-4007 between the hours of 8:15 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays, commencing 10 days before the public hearing and ending on the day of the Public Hearing.