Board of Variance

Membership: 5 citizen appointees
Length of Term: 3-year term

Mandate: To hear appeals against the provisions of the Richmond Zoning Bylaw in circumstances of hardship, usually in connection with the siting of buildings or additions in relation to the boundaries of the property on which they are located.

Board of Variance Bylaw No. 9259
Board of Variance Application

Board of Variance Agenda Board of Variance Minutes
February 9, 2023 February 9, 2023
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July 28, 2016

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The Board also hears appeals and may issue orders in relation to the timing of land use contract early termination bylaws. Owners whose property is the subject of a land use contract early termination bylaws may make application to the Board of Variance within 6 months of the adoption of such a bylaw.

Board of Variance Meeting Format


The meeting is called to order at the scheduled time (an agenda is made available in advance indicating date, time and place of the meeting).


For each application on the agenda, the order of proceedings will be generally as follows:


The Chair will ask the Board Secretary to briefly introduce the application;


The applicant will be invited to make a presentation;


The Board Secretary will identify any written submissions received;


Oral submissions from the public will be heard;


The public presentation portion of the hearing will be closed; and


The Board will deliberate and issue a decision.



Land Use Contracts Early Termination

At a Special Public Hearing on November 24, 2015 Richmond City Council adopted a set of bylaws that will terminate 93 local Land Use Contracts (LUCs) that include single family properties and establish new zoning designations in their place.

Land Use Contract Bylaws

Update: The deadline for the Board of Variance to receive applications regarding the early termination of land use contracts was May 24, 2016. As per provincial legislation, applications had to have been made within 6 months of the land use contract early termination bylaw adoption date (November 24, 2015).

Staff Contact: City Clerk's Office - 604-276-4007