Residential Housing Regulations

Boulevard Maintenance

Property owners in Richmond are required to upkeep the boulevard fronting their property and to ensure that no shrubs, trees or other vegetation encroach or block any sidewalk, roadway or traffic control device (e.g. yellow curb or stop signs). By doing so you ensure unobstructed access to public sidewalks and roadways, as well as assure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Resident responsibilities for upkeep of the boulevard include:
  • cutting the grass
  • trimming hedges, trees and shrubs
  • keeping the boulevard free of brush, noxious weeds and other objects

Property owners are not permitted to place any "hard surfaces" (i.e. rocks, boards, asphalt, etc.) on the boulevard. Further, most boulevards consist of a 2.5 metre "shoulder" allowance where the public are permitted to park regardless of ground cover (e.g. asphalt, gravel or grass) and it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the "shoulder" remains unobstructed. For a detailed description of "boulevard" or "shoulder" and their associated allowances and bylaws, check out this handy Boulevard Maintenance diagram.

Signage on City Property

Signs are not permitted on any City owned property, including boulevards, unless authorised by the City. Signs that create a hazard to pedestrians and vehicle operators, (i.e. signs obstructing sidewalk access or roadway clearances), will be removed by City crews. Information on permitted and prohibited signage in Richmond can be found within the Sign Regulation Bylaw No. 9700.

Fencing Regulations

The City does not require fences to be erected between two residential properties, unless one of the following applies:

  • the property has an in-ground swimming pool
  • the property is designated a Residential Child Care District with an outdoor play area.

Residential fence heights are regulated to a height of not more than 1.2 metres in the front yard or between the main building and the roadway, and a height of 2 metres elsewhere on the property. The use of barbed wire, electrified wire and barbed tape obstacle are prohibited fencing materials in residential areas.

For a detailed summary of fencing heights and prohibited materials please see the Zoning Bylaw.

A dispute concerning fencing between two properties is strictly a civil matter between both property owners.

Home Based Businesses

In order to operate a business in a home, you must have a business licence and that business must comply with applicable zoning bylaws regarding permissible home based businesses. Additional information can be found in the Business Licences section, and in the Zoning Bylaw.

Contact the Business Licence Department at 604-276-4328 or fill out the Customer Feedback form should you have more questions or want to report a concern.

Report a Problem

To report overgrown vegetation, sidewalk obstructions unauthorised structures or signs on City property, fill out the online Customer Feedback form with the respective drop down options. To report an obstructed traffic control device, roadway or intersection, call the Transportation Department at 604-204-8707.

To enquire about regulations and allowances associated with driveways, please see the Residential Lot (Vehicular Access) Regulation Bylaw No. 7222 at the City's Bylaws page or contact the Engineering Department at 604-276-4189.