Quilchena Elementary School

Quilchena Elementary School, 2004.

Quilchena Elementary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
2004 43 141.

Quilchena Elementary School (1974- ) was built to take the load off of Gilmore Elementary.

The name Quilchena comes from the Salish word meaning "flat place near water." The intent of the School Board was to recognize the fact that a First Nation’s settlement had been located near this site. However, the Quilchena Golf Course existed prior to the school, and the school adopted the same name.

Quilchena Elementary School, ca. 1977.

Aerial photograph of Quilchena Elementary School, showing surrounding residential
area and the Quilchena Golf Course, circa 1977.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph 1978 26 76. Click to enlarge image.