Paving Program

The paving program is weather-dependent, typically beginning in the spring and continuing until early fall each year. The paving (capping) program is largely based upon priorities identified by the pavement management system. Call 604-276-4189 to report a road that is considered in extremely poor condition.

Residents directly fronting the roads listed will be notified by our contractor that paving is scheduled in their area. Ensure that vehicles are not parked or obstructing the road during paving. The suggested schedule is subject to change without notice.

2022 Proposed Paving Program

Proposed Paving Locations Proposed Schedule
No. 6 Road
Hwy 91 Underpass-Maycrest Way
Great Canadian Way
Sea Island Way - Bridgeport Road
Fraserwood Place
Westminster Hwy - Gordan Way
Finlayson Drive
Gagnon Place - McLennan Avenue
7000 Block No. 3 Road
(Granville Avenue - Blundell Road)
In Progress
Great Canadian Way
(River Road - Bridgeport Road)
October/November 2022
11000 Block Steveston Hwy
(Shell Road - Coppersmith Place) - 40% RAP
Westminster Hwy
(Gilley Road - Boundary Road)
18000 Block River Road
(No. 8 Road - Nelson Road)
River Drive WBL
(No. 4 Road - Van Horne Way)
Mitchell Road
(120m south of Elburne Way - Twigg Place EOP East end)
12000 Block Blundell Road
(No. 5 Road - Sidaway Road)
Douglas Crescent, Wellington Crescent, Wellington Avenue,
Handley Avenue, Catalina Crescent, Anson Avenue

2023 Proposed Paving Program

Proposed Project Location

Proposed Schedule
12000 Westminster Highway (No.5 Rd – MOTI) – including the No.5 Road Intersection 2023
9000 Block Cambie Road (Garden City Road – No.4 Road) including both intersections 2023
10000 Block No.6 Road (Steveston Hwy – Triangle Rd) including both Intersections 2023
11000 Block Shell Road (Steveston Hwy to Hammersmith Gate) 2023
Cambie Road (No.5 Road to Jacombs Road) 2023
10000 Block Wilkinson Road (No.4 R – Swinton Crescent) – both intersections included 2023
12000 Block Steveston Highway (No.5 Rd to MOTI) – No.5 Road Intersection included 2023
4000 Block Francis Road (No.1 Rd to Lancelot Gate) 2023
5000 Block Garden City Road (Westminster Highway to Lansdowne Road) – both Intersections included PLUS MUP mill and Pave 2023
11000 Block Shell Road (Steveston Hwy to Hammersmith Gate) 2023
11000 Block Hammersmith Gate (Shell Road – Hammersmith Way) 2023
River Road (No. 3 Road – Charles Street) 2023
22000 Block Westminster Hwy (MOTI – Mclean Avenue) including Mclean intersection 2023
9000 Block No.5 Road (Seacliff Road to Kingsbridge Drive) – Williams Rd and Kingsbridge Drive intersections included 2023
8000 Block No.3 Road (Francis Road – Blundell Road) – Both intersections included 2023
2000 Block Viking Way (Bridgeport Rd – Vulcan Way) – includes Vulcan Way intersection 2023
3000 Block Jacombs Road (Cambie Road to Bathgate Way) – Both intersections included 2023
13000 Block Bathgate Way (Sweden Way – Jacombs Road) – both intersections included 2023
4000 Block Boundary Road (Westminster Hwy to Thompson Gate including Thompson Gate intersection PLUS MUP mill and Pave 2023
No.6 Road (Cambie Road to Bridgeport Road) 2023
18000 Block River Road (No.8 Road to Nelson Road) 2023
Burkville Village 2023
11000 Block Steveston Highway (Shell Road to Coppersmith Place) 2023
River Drive – West bound lane only (No.4 Road to Van Horne Way) 2023
3451 Blundell Road – Vibration Complaint 2023
4480 Williams Road – Vibration Complaint 2023