Permits and Licences

This page was developed to more easily locate forms and related information to apply for a City licence or permit.

We are working to make it easier for you to request, pay and manage your trades permits and business licences online. You can access more in-depth information about both online tools below.

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MyPermit Portal

Apply, pay and manage your trades permits online with MyPermit
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MyBusiness Portal

Apply, renew or change your business licence online with MyBusiness

If you have questions regarding any of these application forms, contact the Customer Service Centre or see Contact Us to find the department contact.

Rezoning, Subdivision, and Development Permits

For complete information on Development Application Services visit the Business & Development section and hover your mouse over "Development & Rezoning" in the main menu. The following are links to permit information in that section:

Building Approvals

For complete information on Building Approvals Services visit the Business & Development section and hover your mouse over "Building Approvals" in the main menu. The following are links to permit information in that section:

General Info

Building Permits

Fire Sprinklers Permits

Plumbing & Gas Permits

Demolition or Moving a Building /Permit to Move a House

Sign Permits

Other Building Permits

  • Provisional Occupancy Permit
  • Occupancy Permit for Temporary Buildings
  • Occupant Load

Email or call 604-276-4118 for more information.

Tree Removal

The City's Tree Protection Bylaw generally prohibits the cutting or removal of any tree larger than 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter at breast height (dbh) without a permit. For more information, see Tree Removal.

Soil Deposit and Removal

Richmond City Council enacted Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw No. 10200 (the "Soil Bylaw") to regulate the deposition of soil and other material and removal of soil for all Lands (ALR and non-ALR) within the City.

The City maintains oversight for vetting and approving soil and/or other material deposit and removal applications, issuing permits and regulating unauthorized soil and other material deposition and removal through progressive enforcement measures when Lands in the City are found to be in non-compliance with the Soil Bylaw.

For more information on the soil deposit and removal application process, please refer to Soil Management in the City of Richmond or contact Community Bylaws at 604-276-4345.

Street Use for Special Purposes

** To use other City-owned facilities for Public Events or to obtain the necessary permits and licences, see Events Applications and Approvals System, and/or any of the following: Field Bookings, Rental Facilities and Birthday Parties.

Public Event Permits and Licences

To help streamline the permits and licences approvals process for a public event, the City has developed an online Event Applications and Approvals System with the steps to obtain what is necessary for an event with all the related information.

Parking and Towing


  • Towing Permits
  • Pay Parking Permits
  • Parking Permits for People with Disabilities
    Contact: Richmond Centre For Disability
    #100 - 5671 No. 3 Richmond, BC V6X 2C7
    Phone: 604-232-2404

Filming on Location
Fireworks & Burning

The Fire-Rescue Department issues the following permits:

  • Low / High Hazard Fireworks - Public Display (Qualified Fire Works Supervisor)
  • Outdoor Burning - Agricultural Only (October 1-April 30)

Call 604-278-5131 for more information about Fireworks Permits.

Business Licences
  • Business Licences

    Note: Road Side Stands and Amusement Centres are regulated differently, but require the same Business Licence Application form.

Electrical Permits
  • The BC Safety Authority is the electrical permitting authority for Richmond. Those doing regulated electrical work in permanent buildings are required to obtain a permit before beginning work. Electrical Permits, depending on the scope of work, may be required for temporary structures or buildings including those associated with special events such as filming. For more information on performing electrical work, getting your permit and working with contractors, visit Safety Authority.

Dog Licences
Donation Bin Permits

The Donation Bin Regulation Bylaw No. 9502 regulates the placement and use of donation bins on City land.

Donation Bin Permit Application Form

Not a City Service

The licences listed below are not administered by the City, but instead are handled by other agencies. Due to the frequency of request, referral information is below.

Child Care Licences

Richmond Health Department inspects and licenced child care facilities. The Health Department falls under the Provincial Government. See Community Care Facilities for more information.

Contact: Richmond Health Department, 604-233-3147

Hunting and Fishing Licences

The Provincial Government regulates hunting and fishing licences through the Fish & Wildlife Branch.

Liquor Licences

The Provincial Government regulates liquor licences through the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.

Driver's Licence

Driver Licensing is a Provincial Government responsibility that has been contracted to ICBC the crown corporation responsible for driver insurance. For details, visit the ICBC Driver Licensing web page.

Contact: ICBC Driver Testing and Vehicle Information, 604-661-2255

Marriage Licences

The registering of births, deaths and marriages, and the issuing of licences and certificates is a Provincial Government responsibility. See the Ministry of Health Services, British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency website at