ePlan Servicing Agreement Submissions

Servicing Agreement drawings and documents must be submitted online using ePlan. For information on how to submit your Servicing Agreement Plans through ePlan and the ePlan review process, see Electronic Plan Submissions Instructions Steps 1 through 8 below.

If you have used ePlan before you may open the system and login.

ePlan Online Plan Review System

Electronic Plan Submissions Instructions

Step 1 - Prepare and Submit an Application

The ePlan review process is initiated when the Developer or their designated contact (the “Project Contact”) completes and submits a Development Application Form applying for a Servicing Agreement, together with an application fee and a contact email address to the Zoning Counter at Richmond City Hall.

Application forms can be downloaded here in fillable PDF format:

Servicing Agreement Application Form (DA-38)

Fees are listed on the form.

Step 2 - Provide Engineering Consultant Contact

ePlan will send the Project Contact an email that provides the Servicing Agreement number and requests that their Civil Engineering Consultant’s (the “Engineering Consultant”) contact details be sent to the City’s Development Coordinator.

Step 3 - Engineering Consultant Invitation to ePlan

Once the City has reviewed and processed the Engineering Consultant’s contact details, an email will be sent, inviting the Engineering Consultant to access the permit application through ePlan, and requesting that drawings and documents be uploaded.

Access ePlan through the blue button link above.

Step 4 - Applicant Upload

The Engineering Consultant will upload drawings and documents to ePlan. Each submission must be accompanied by a completed Servicing Agreement Design Drawing Checklist. Download a copy here:

Servicing Agreement Design Drawing Checklist

Step 5 - Pre-Screen

The Development Applications Coordinator pre-screens the submission to ensure completeness and compliance with City submission standards. Engineering Consultants will be notified if corrections are required; otherwise, the files will be distributed to relevant City departments for concurrent review and comment. .

Step 6 - City Review of Submission

City staff will review and comment on submission documents digitally through the ePlan system. Review typically requires one month to complete, but review times may vary depending on complexity.

ePlan allows for both the Project Contact and the Engineering Consultant to check the status of the review at any time.

Step 7 - Returning the Marked-Up Plans to the Consultant

The Project Contact and the Engineering Consultant is notified through email once the review is complete. Comments can be viewed and downloaded through ePlan.

The Engineering Consultant will respond to all comments through ePlan and upload revised drawings and documents.

Steps 5 to 7 are repeated until all City comments are addressed.

Step 8 - City Approval

Once all statutory right-of-way registration and other requirements have been met, the drawings will be stamped for approval. An email will be sent to notify the Project Contact and Engineering Consultant that the drawings may now be downloaded and circulated for construction.

Note: Prior to construction, a Preconstruction Meeting is required with City Inspections. City Inspections will set up the meeting once all requirements have been met. The Development Applications Coordinator will notify the Project Contact and Engineering Consultant of the requirements.

The Engineering Consultant is required to send hard copies of signed and sealed approved drawings to the Development Applications Coordinator for distribution to Inspections Staff. The number of drawings required will be confirmed at the time of approval.

More Information

For help using the system, please see our ePlan Applicant User Guide. If you have feedback about the system, please let us know through our Customer Feedback Form.