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Refer to: City Bylaws, Chapter 5 - Finance and Budgets - Consolidated Fees Bylaw 8636.

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Building Bulletins
No. Title Date
Building-01 Survey Certificates 2016-01-29
Building-05 Hydronic/Radiant - Heating Piping Installation 2011-08-15
Building-07 Wood Retaining Walls 2021-01-29
Building-08 Tenant Improvement Alteration - Structural Concrete (Raft) Slab on Ground 2016-01-29
Building-11 Exit and Egress Facilities in Multi-Unit Residential, Office, Mercantile & Industrial Buildings 2016-01-29
Building-12 Soils Information: Single/Two Family Dwellings 2016-01-29
Building-14 Commercial Cooking Equipment 2020-03-05
Building-17 Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Piping in a Building 2016-01-29
Building-21 Provisional Occupancy Inspections 2011-08-15
Building-22 Secondary Suites
Building-26 Single Family Dwellings: Extent of Fill Disturbance on Lands in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)
Building-27 Demolition Waste and Recyclable Materials 2020-03-05
Building-28 Size Limitations and Farm Home Plate Requirements for Residential Developments in an AG1 Zone 2022-01-05
Building-29 Size Limitations for Residential Developments Zoned RS1/F or RS1/G within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) 2019-03-05
Building-30 Rezoning Applications to Vary House Size and Build Additional Dwelling in AG1 Zone 2019-03-05
Building-31 Permits: Expiry and Extension 2020-03-05
Building-32 Statutory Declaration Requirement for Building Permit Applications in AG1 Zones 2019-02-28
Building-34 Agricultural Building and Greenhouse Regulations 2018-08-13
Building-36 Fast Track Process for Agricultural Buildings and Greenhouses 2018-08-30
Building-37 Energy Step Code: Part 9 Buildings Overview
Building-38 Energy Step Code: Part 9 Single Family Dwellings and Duplexes 2021-05-21
Building-39 Energy Step Code: Part 9 Townhouses and Apartments
Building-40 Energy Step Code: Part 3 Buildings 2023-12-08
Building-41 Application Requirements for Exemption from the Energy Step Code for Part 9 Townhouses and Apartments 2019-09-18
Building-42 Covenants on Irregular Garage Spaces
Building-43 Energy Step Code Requirements for Part 9 Residential Drawings 2023-08-29
Building-44 Residential Zones: Fence Heights 2022-10-24
Building-45 Agricultural Zones: Fence Heights and Materials
*Building-46 Incentives for New High-Performance Single-Family and Duplex Dwellings 2024-01-03
Building-47 Below Grade Piping 2021-04-22
Building-48 Energy Efficiency Requirements for
Part 3 Buildings
Building-49 Single Family Dwellings - Swimming Pools 2021-07-29
Building-50 Overhead Encroachment Standards for Parking Stalls in Storage Garages 2021-12-08
Building-51 Building Permit Application Requirements for Agricultural Buildings and Structures 2022-01-05
Building-52 Covered Area in Single Detached Housing 2022-08-17
Building-53 Limitations for Number/Size of Projectionsin Single Detached Housing 2022-10-03
Building-54 Concurrent Applications 2023-06-16
*Building-55 Rodent Abatement and Control Declaration - Demolition and House Move 2024-04-22
*Building-56 Hazardous Materials Reporting and Abatement Requirements 2024-02-01
*Building-57 Air Source Heat Pump Installation Guideline for Single-Family and Duplex Dwellings 2024-02-02

Business Licence Bulletins
No. Title Date
BusLic-01 Amusement Centre 2019-12-12
BusLic-02 Bed and Breakfast 2019-12-12
BusLic-03 Dog Walker (Professional) 2019-12-12
BusLic-04 Food Service Establishment with Liquor Service 2019-12-12
BusLic-05 Liquor Primary Liquor Licence 2019-12-12
BusLic-06 Mobile Food Vendor 2022-02-23

Community Bylaws Bulletins
No. Title Date
*CommBylaws-02 Soil Deposit & Removal Bylaw 10200 - Application Process 2024-01-01
CommBylaws-03 Wharves Regulation Bylaw No. 10182 2023-11-09

Development Applications Bulletins
No. Title Date
DevApps-01 Survey & Site Plan Guidelines 2018-12-20
DevApps-02 Vegetation Survey Guidelines 2016-04-05
DevApps-03 Landscaping Inspection 2016-04-05
DevApps-05 Aircraft and Land Use Noise 2018-10-09
DevApps-06 Assessment of Development Cost Charges (DCC) - Calculation of Building Area 2018-07-03
DevApps-07 Townhouse Rezoning Applications: Policy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Systems 2017-01-10
DevApps-08 Process and Requirements for Development Proposals within an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA)
DevApps-10 Requirements for Multiple Family Residential Strata Redevelopment Applications 2018-05-30
DevApps-11 Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS & DD) Development Cost Charge (DCC) - Changes to Affordable Housing Waiver Regulations 2018-08-03
DevApps-12 Amenity and Planning Contribution Rates Applicable to Rezoning Applications (Not Including Hamilton) 2023-02-27
DevApps-13 Energy Step Code Requirements at Rezoning and Development Permit Stages 2020-01-16
DevApps-14 Business Tenant Relocation 2021-09-13
*DevApps-15  Submission Requirements 2024-05-23 

Engineering Bulletins
No. Title Date
Engineering-01 Service Connection Requests 2016-04-05
Engineering-02 Two-Family Dwelling Split - Volunteer - Additional Water Service Connection/Water Meter 2016-04-05
Engineering-03 Two-Family Dwelling Split - Secondary - Additional Water Meter 2020-10-27
Engineering-04 Constructing a Watercourse Crossing 2020-03-11


Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Requirements - Zoning Bylaw 8500, Section 7.15 2018-10-29

Gas Bulletins
No. Title Date
Gas-02 Test Certificates for Single Family Dwellings 2019-05-13
Gas-03 Gas Inspections for Single Family Dwellings 2019-05-13
Gas-10 New Gas Regulations 2016-11-04

Information Bulletins
No. Title Date
Info-09 Access to Inspection Staff
Info-10 Inspection Priorities / Appointments 2016-03-24
Info-11 Purchase of Property Records 2016-03-24
Info-13 Tenant Improvement Process 2023-05-09
Info-21 Affordable Housing Strategy 2018-10-25
Info-22 School Site Acquisition Charge 2023-08-03
Info-23 Riparian Management Areas 2018-11-09
Info-24 Single Family Dwelling - Final/Occupancy Inspection 2016-03-24
Info-26 Zoning Bylaw Amendments - Storey, Half (1/2) & Flat-roof Houses 2016-03-24
Info-27 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw 8500 - Building Height and Massing 2015-09-16
Info-29 Noise Regulation Bylaw No. 8856 Amendments 2023-07-25
Info-30 Non-farm Use or Subdivision in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) Application Process 2022-01-05
Info-32 District Energy Equipment Floor Area Ratio Exemption - Richmond Zoning Bylaw 8500, Section 4.19 2017-07-04
Info-33 RS1 and RS2: Maximum Continuous Wall Length 2023-04-19
Info-34 Zoning Bylaw 8500 - Rear Yard Setback Requirements in RS1 and RS2 Zones 2019-05-17
Info-35 Zoning Bylaw 8500 - Live Landscaping Requirements for RS1 and RS2 Zones 2021-07-05
Info-36 Zoning Bylaw 8500 - Requirements for Projections into Side Yards, Vehicle Gates on Arterial Roads, and Setbacks for Accessory Buildings in RS1 and RS2 Zones 2019-05-17
Info-37 Zoning Bylaw Amendments - Residential Building Height Area A 2019-05-17
Info-38 Zoning Bylaw 8500 - Limiting the Projection of an Attached Front Garage in RS1 and RS2 Zones 2019-05-17
Info-39 Community Events Signs Information 2018-03-26
Info-43 Zoning Bylaw Amendments - Accessible Parking Requirements 2018-09-05
Info-44 Riparian Management Areas - Requirements for Single-Family Residential Development 2018-11-20
Info-45 Non-Stormwater Discharge Permit Process 2021-08-11
Info-46 On-Site Inspections During COVID-19 (Occupied Buildings) 2020-06-19
Info-48 Inspections Request System

Converting Industrial Spaces for Assembly Occupancies (Change of Use)

Info-50 Single-Use Plastic and Other Items Bylaw No. 10000 2021-10-08
Info-51 Low End Market Rental Program Requirements 2021-11-22
Info-52 Outdoor Patio Options for Businesses in Richmond 2023-05-24
Info-53 Comfort Letters 2022-07-20
Info-54 Site Response Analysis and Site-Specific Response Spectra 2022-09-22
Info-55 Industrial Lands Intensification Initiative (ILII) 2022-12-01
Info-57 Development Cost Charges - Subdivision and Building Permit Applications 2023-07-25

Permits Bulletins
No. Title Date
Permits-02 Plans Processing - Site Plan - Single Family Dwelling 2016-03-31
Permits-07 The Use of Construction Dewatering Process for Building Sites 2016-03-31
Permits-10 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Permits 2023-06-06
Permits-15 Awning Permit 2019-05-17
Permits-19 Builder Licensing & Mandatory Home Warranty 2016-03-31
Permits-20 Attic Spaces in a Single-Family Dwelling 2019-05-17
Permits-22 Occupancies in a Public Corridor (Mall) 2011-08-16
Permits-23 Temporary Buildings 2019-05-17
Permits-25 Building Envelope Repair
Permits-28 Temporary Tents 2021-01-29
Permits-30 2012 BC Building Code - Seismic Design of New One & Two Family Part 9 Buildings 2016-03-31
Permits-31 Building Approvals Division Appeal Process 2016-03-31
Permits-32 Special Events Approval Process 2016-03-31
Permits-34 Hazardous Gases, Dusts and Liquids 2022-01-21
Permits-35 Building Permits in Strata Buildings 2016-03-31
Permits-36 Sewerage Systems 2019-05-17
Permits-40 Installation of Racking/Shelving Structures 2021-05-18
Permits-42 Legal Survey & Site Plan Requirements 2016-03-31
Permits-46 Zoning Bylaw 8500 2019-05-17
Permits-47 Child Care Facilities 2020-07-10
Permits-53 Temporary Retaining Walls 2016-04-05
Permits-54 Part 9 Energy Efficiency and Ventilation Requirements 2015-06-16
Permits-55 Ceiling Height Measurement Single One/Two Family Dwellings 2015-09-08
Permits-56 Zoning Regulation Summary Compliance (Form PL-46) 2022-07-08
Permits-57 Permit Application Requirements (Single/Two Family Dwellings) 2016-04-05
Permits-58 Retrofit Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Panels on Sloped Roofs 2023-05-09
Permits-61 Slab Insulation Guidelines 2023-08-01
*Permit-62  BC Building Codes 2024 Implementation  2024-04-22 

Planning Bulletins
No. Title Date
Planning-03 Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Grant Program 2018-12-03
Planning-04 Steveston Village Heritage Conservation Area 2018-05-03
Planning-05 Market Rental Housing Policy 2018-09-18
Planning-06 Official Community Plan Market Rental Housing Policy Update 2023-01-27

Plumbing Bulletins
No. Title Date
Plumbing-03 Water Connections 2016-03-21
Plumbing-13 Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report - Annual Fee 2021-08-23
Plumbing-16 Installation of Water Treatment Devices - Protection from Contamination 2020-01-16

Tree Bulletins
No. Title Date
Tree-01 Tree Protection Bylaw 8057 2023-02-07
Tree-03 Protection of Existing Trees During Demolition and Construction

Tree Protection Sign
Tree-04 Arborist Report 2019-06-10
Tree-06 Tree Removal on Sites Involved in the Rezoning Process 2021-12-03
Tree-07 Landscape Cross-Section Drawings at Building Permit Submission 2019-06-10
Tree-08 Tree Protection Bylaw 8057 Application Process 2023-02-07
Tree-09 Addressing Potential Development Conflicts with Neighbouring Side Yard Trees in Single-Family and Duplex Zoning 2019-06-10
Tree-10 Replacement Tree Guideline 2021-11-09
Tree-11 Tree Permit Appeal Process 2022-02-09
Tree-12 Site Supervision and Post Construction Impact Assessment Report 2023-02-07
Tree-13 The Value of Wildlife Trees and Best Management Practices for Invasive Ivy Around Trees 2022-06-02