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Most construction projects will require you to have various permits and other approvals before you can begin or manage any work that is underway. We are working to make it easier for you to request and pay for permits online.

The City of Richmond introduced MyPermit on Nov 20, 2023. As a permit applicant, you can easily navigate from your MyRichmond account to MyPermit. From MyPermit you can apply for and manage your City permits online, eliminating the need to visit City Hall in-person.

MyPermit saves time and provides improved access to City services:

  • Streamlined application process
  • Convenient online access 24/7
  • Online invoicing and credit card payments
  • Real-time application status tracking

We also have a mobile application for permit applications. You can conveniently apply for and check the status of a permit from your mobile device.

How to Access MyPermit

To access MyPermit, you will need to sign up for a MyRichmond account.

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MyPermit Services

Our new online application process allows you to submit permit applications electronically and perform other functions digitally. We are working on adding more permit types over time. MyPermit online services available:

  • Plumbing Trades Permit
  • Gas Trades Permit
  • Sprinkler Trades Permit

Homeowner applications, where the homeowner will be completing the work, are currently not available online.

Tips for Avoiding Delays

Make sure your Permit application:

  • Uses the correct address.
  • Ensure all areas of the application are filled in that apply to your project.
  • Is submitted, after Building Permit issuance for new construction. Building Permits are mandatory, and fees are calculated as per City Bylaws
  • Your Business Licence (BL) must be active in order to receive a Trades Permit.
    • If your company is located within Richmond or you don’t have an Inter-Municipal Business Licence (IMBL), a City of Richmond Business Licence is required.
    • If your company is located within the IMBL Regional Pool of Municipalities (Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, New Westminster), an IMBL is required.

Video Tutorials

For more information on MyRichmond login options, please visit:

Register a new MyRichmond Account with passkey
Register a new MyRichmond Account with Email 2FA
How to Re-upload a New Document


If you have questions about the use of MyPermit or if you have questions about your specific permit, our Permit Centre team is here to assist you.

Permit Centre