Demolition, Moving or Salvage Program

Are you planning to demolish your house? Think again.

House Moving and Salvage Program


House Move - Nickel Bros In an effort to minimize the demolition of livable houses as well as expand on the City’s Demolition Waste Recycling initiative, the City of Richmond encourages homeowners to post their houses on the City’s House Moving and Salvage List for the purpose of offering to move or salvage their house, prior to applying for a demolition permit.

There are no houses available at this time.


Homeowners wishing to demolish their house will be able to list their properties on the City website. This information will be viewable by the public for 60 days and will allow house moving and materials salvaging companies to contact homeowners for potential moving or salvaging opportunities.

House Moving and Salvage Program brochure to find out more information.

For information on a house, email or phone 604-276-4118.

Post Your House for Move or Salvage

To post your house for move or salvage, please complete the electronic form and waiver Consent to Disclosure of Information and email it to

Privacy of Information

The information posted to the City of Richmond’s website is public information, and the City of Richmond cannot control or prevent the further distribution or use of such information by those who access the information. Accordingly, we encourage homeowners to consider the detail of information they choose to display about the property and the provided contact information. Any personal information that is collected on this website will be managed in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Subject to the City’s compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the City is not responsible for the use of publicly shared information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection, use, disclosure or safe-guarding of personal information associated with the House Moving and Salvage program, please email or phone 604-276-4118.

For questions regarding privacy concerns, please contact:
Manager, Records and Information/FOI Coordinator at 604-276-4156 or email

Move a Building Within Richmond

If moving a building from outside or within Richmond to a new location in Richmond, then a separate building permit application must be submitted for the new site where the building is to be relocated.

Note: The building permit application must be submitted prior to moving the building.

Apply for a Move a Building Permit

House moving companies must obtain a permit to move a house. Please download and complete the Application to Move a Building and submit it along with all required permits, fees and documents at the Permits Counter in City Hall.

Note: After a building has been moved, it is the property owner’s responsibility to obtain a demolition permit to demolish the remaining foundation.

Apply for a Demolition Permit

To apply for a demolition permit, please complete the electronic form Demolition Application (PL-16) and submit it along with all required permits, fees and documents at the Permits Counter in City Hall.

Please submit and provide the following documents or information along with the application form above:

See: Demolition of a Building or Structure brochure to find out more information on demolitions.

Demolition activities can negatively affect species at risk, such as the little brown bat, barn swallow, and barn owl in the City of Richmond. Demolition activities should adhere to best management practices for protection of species at risk and their habitat. For guidance, please refer to Develop with Care 2014: Environmental Guidelines for Urban and Rural Land Development in British Columbia. Species at risk and their habitats are also protected by legal measures that regulate human-related activities. These measures include the Wildlife Act, Forest and Range Practices Act, Oil and Gas Activities Act, and Land Act. For more information on construction best practices to protect bats, visit Community Bat Program at

How To Apply for a Move a Building Permit?

A. Proof of Ownership

If our property records system indicates the previous owner(s), then proof of ownership will be required (prior to obtaining a permit) from one of the following listed below:
  • A Freehold Transfer (Transfer of Title document) from the Land Title Office in New Westminster, BC. This document displays the registered deed number stamp on the top which is required for the permit.
  • or a Letter from Lawyer indicating the ownership, legal description and registered deed number from Land Titles.
  • and/or a Letter of Authorization addressed to the City of Richmond from all other owners on title also for an applicant acting on behalf of the owner (the letter must be specific to the Demolition or Move-off Permit).

B. Disconnection of Services

Water Connection

Water Service disconnections are mandatory. Apply in person to the Tax Department, City Hall, for either a Water Connection Removal Order or Water Turn-Off Order. The appropriate order is sent to the Public Works Department which is responsible for the removal, shut-off or turn-on of your water connection. The order also prevents unnecessary billing for your water service.

Note: If the existing water meter is to be used for a new building, it must be the right size for the intended use. A Water Turn-On Order should be requested when you are ready to use the water service. Fees apply to the above services. Please call the Tax Department at 604-276-4145 for more information.


All services to the site must be properly abandoned. There cannot be any unused open ends in the drainage system and all dead ends must be graded so that water will not collect.

Septic Tanks and Soap Boxes

The effluent must be pumped out and removed by a licensed septic tank plumbing service. To avoid accidents, the abandoned boxes must be filled immediately with clean compacted soil or sand.

Utilities Disconnection and Route Approval

Each utility company with overhead lines must provide written approvals of the route.

To disconnect and remove the electric and gas meters and telephone services please contact the corresponding local utility companies.

C. Tree Removal Permit

As specified in Tree Protection Bylaw 8057, any trees with dbh greater than 20cm or 7 7/8 inches on demolition sites or on adjoining property require an inspection for demolition impact. Only approved trees may be removed, other trees must have proper tree protection fencing - refer to Bulletin Tree-03, Protection of Existing Trees During Demolition and Construction. For more information call 604-276-4158.

D. Transportation Clearance

Prior to the issuance of a permit to Move a Building, the Transportation department will approve the move route and issue a Building Move Trip Permit. Please contact the Transportation Department at 604-276-4388 for further information.

E. Liability Insurance

As specified in Traffic Bylaw 5870 before a permit is issued; the applicant must provide a bond of indemnity or copy of an insurance policy to secure payment to the City of the cost of repairing or reconstructing any highway or other City property damaged by the reason the permit is granted. Ensure that General Liability Insurance is in place in the minimum amount of $ 5,000,000 satisfactory with the City of Richmond, with the City named as additional insured.

F. Fees and Damage Deposits

Applicants must pay all associated fees and damage deposits prior to obtaining a permit. Retain receipts for proof of payment. In compliance with the Boulevard and Roadway Protection and Regulation Bylaw 6366, a damage deposit is required for repair or clean-up to public property that may be caused by the permit activity.

See: Damage Deposit & Residential Driveway Compliance Regulations brochure to find out more information.

Refer to: City Bylaws, Chapter 5 - Finance and Budgets - Consolidated Fees (Bylaw 8636) page 9.

Note: There is a $179 savings on damage deposits for combined demolition and construction. If moving a building onto another site within Richmond, plans, permits and fees will apply. Contact the Building Approvals Department at 604-276-4118.

The fee schedule below identifies the required fees and damage deposits for the Move a Building Permit.

Move a Building Permit - Schedule 2024
Description Amount Billing Department
Application Fee For Permit (Non-Refundable) $522 Building Approvals
Inspection Fee (Non-Refundable) Two Inspections of Public Property $202 Engineering
Damage Deposit for Protection of Public Property $1,500 Engineering
Inspection Fee (Non-Refundable) Two Inspections of Dike Crossing $202 (if applicable) Engineering
Dike Crossing Damage Deposit $10,000 (if applicable) Engineering
Building Move Trip Permit $54 Transportation
Oversize/Overweight Vehicles Trip Fee Single-trip: $27.25
Multi-trip: $109
Tree Removal Permit Fee - No Fee for Removal of Up to Two Trees $67 Building Approvals
Water Disconnection - Temporary $200 Public Works
Water Disconnection - Permanent $1,100 Public Works

G. Untidy and Unsightly Premises

After the building has been demolished or removed, the site must be cleaned-up and all discarded materials and rubbish of any kind removed, as specified in the Unsightly Premises Bylaw 7162.

H. Inspection After Building is Removed

Please schedule a site inspection with the Engineering Inspection Office at 604-244-1263. The site will be inspected to confirm the building no longer exists and to identify no damage to city property has occurred.

Note: A Water Turn-On Order should be requested when you are ready to use the water service.

I. Refunds

After the building has been demolished or removed, applicants must request a refund by calling the Public Works and Engineering Inspection Office at 604-244-1263. The refund is not automatically sent out. After an inspection has taken place and no damage to City property has been identified the applicant must apply for a refund of their damage deposits.

Damage Deposit/Security Program Application


When demolishing a single-family residence and rebuilding the same, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the water connection does not conflict with the driveway. An application to move the water connection, at the owner's cost, can be made at the Planning and Development Department.

Note whether the connection conflicted with the driveway in the past, or what material the new driveway is being constructed of, have no relevance.

Water Bylaw No. 5637
Part 11, Section 10(a)