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One-on-one career management support is available to assist employees in reaching their career goals. The City offers specialized training in career exploration, resume development, cover letter writing and interview preparation.
Jodi - Careers
“I like the opportunities within the City in terms of the variety of work I get to do.  The people are fantastic and the educational opportunities are great.  The City gave me the opportunity to further my education, and as a result, I received a promotion."

Manager Parks

Developing Diverse Talent

Job Shadowing
Immersing yourself in a potential working environment is an important step in the career decision process. The City of Richmond offers our staff the opportunity to participate in job shadowing to help determine whether a particular working environment is right for them.

A formal mentoring program is currently in development at The City of Richmond. However, informal mentoring has been a part of our culture for years. Many of our staff members volunteer in different areas of the organization and have developed mentoring relationships in the process. Employees are encouraged to tap into our best resource – our people!

Special Projects and Secondments
Developmental experience can also be gained through participation in special committees, project teams, and in more formal cases, secondments into other positions for a determined length of time. Many staff members have received promotions as a result of these experiences.

Hanieh - Careers “I have done a lot of volunteering – the Richmond Oval grand opening, Winterfest, and other civic appreciation events at my office.  Volunteering a is great way to learn new skills for career advancement.  It also helps me get to know the other staff." 

Committee Clerk

Employee Review and Development Plan
At the City, we believe in our people and we live this value by coaching and training both our staff and managers on giving and receiving feedback.  As part of our people philosophy, our objective is to ensure that all staff at the City have the opportunity to work in partnership with their supervisor/manager to develop an annual employee review and development plan. The review includes a discussion around how an employee is doing, where there are areas for development and what type of development plan an employee needs to follow to exceed in either their existing position or to develop themselves for future career advancement.
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